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In addition to programs tailored to the needs of each individual client, we place at their disposal a network of information portals, webinars, investment conferences, in-house media and sector newsletters, which enjoy high acceptance and acknowledgement within the investment community and enhance their visibility among investors.

These platforms reach a vast number of institutional investors, financial advisors, financial planners, analysts, media and individual investors and have established recognition in the investment community.

Our information portals provide comprehensive information on all US listed stocks and are distinguished by sector, with highlighted emphasis on maritime transportation, commodities, energy, offshore drilling, Closed-End Funds, Exchange Traded Funds and Master Limited Partnerships (MPLs).

Annually, Capital Link holds 8-10 annual Investment Conferences in New York, London and Athens on maritime transportation and marine services, corporate social responsibility, Closed-End Funds and Global ETFs, a Greek Investor Forum in New York, and a Global Derivatives Forum on Commodities, Energy and Freight. Our Investment Conferences provide unique informational, marketing and networking opportunities. Enjoying unparalleled reputation in each sector, they attract a large number of investors.

The Capital Link Webinars bring together listed company CEOs, analysts, fund managers, fund sponsors and other market leaders to debate on issues of contemporary interest. They attract huge attendance from all over the world, generating exceptional visibility for the presenters and sponsors.

Capital Link's in-house print and TV interviews enable companies and funds to craft their message and deliver it at a timing of their choice to an extensive audience of investors, analysts and media. These interviews are accessible through major financial websites and are picked up and referenced by trade and financial media.