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Strategic Advisory & Capital Introductions

We assist our clients to position themselves properly in the investment community, expand their shareholder base, secure analyst and media coverage and achieve a sustainable valuation. We also identify and take advantage of favorable capital markets and financing opportunities by introducing clients to the right market participants.

We work with private or public companies to optimize raising primary or secondary equity or fixed income capital by introducing them to the proper commercial and investment banking and brokerage relationships, legal advisors and auditors and other market participants. Capital Link does not perform functions requiring a securities license; we focus on message and strategy formulation and introduction to the proper parties.

Full Investor Relations (IR) Programs

We work with our clients to with determine their goals in the area of capital markets and establishing proper and comprehensive communications and investor outreach strategies fully tailored to their profile, needs and objectives.

We support them during the execution phase with vertically integrated services, taking care of all operational aspects and transforming this support into efficient and cost effective packages. Our services combine comprehensive Investor Relations expertise with extensive technological capabilities, backed by effective marketing platforms and market intelligence information.

In more detail, our services include the following:

Generating the proper communications material

We assist our clients in generating the proper information flow that complies with regulatory requirements while meeting investor and market standards. We help with the preparation of press releases and corporate announcements, corporate presentations, company fact sheets and shareholder newsletters. We also work with management to script their presentations, media interviews and conference calls. Public announcements and financial communications are formulated and disseminated under the client's name and the responsibility for content.

Web IR Solutions

We design, host, maintain and update the Investor Relation section of our clients' corporate websites. We provide editorial, as well as multimedia and IT support.

Market and Peer Group Intelligence

Providing management with a regular flow of information on our clients' peer group, analyst opinions and investor attitudes and behavior is critical as it helps proactively adapt and refine the Investor Relations strategy. Conducting specific investor or analyst surveys and getting market input can be used to determine or adapt a company's business and communications strategies.

Buyside and Sellside Outreach

Our proactive outreach capitalizes on the contacts, infrastructure and branding we have built within the investment community over our 17-year history. For each client, we conduct an analysis of their peer group and research investor behavior in their peer group and sector, thereby coming up with the proper target group, which we further expand with investors whose overall strategy matches our clients' profile.

We have built an extensive network of contacts in the investment community complemented with databases from our investment conferences, webinars, newsletters and informational portals.

Capital Link reaches out to institutional investors through specially crafted outreach programs. We also reach out to an extensive number of financial advisors and planers, investment professionals and individual investors through our conferences, webinars, newsletters and informational portals.

Organizing effective and regular contact with shareholders and investors

We assist our clients to systematize their contact with shareholders, prospective investors, analysts and media through the organization of conference calls, roadshows, conference participation, analyst and investor days and other corporate events. Capital Link is recognized for delivering highly effective roadshows, thus helping our clients to expand and optimize their shareholder base. We work closely with the analysts who follow our clients as well as with investment banks and brokerage firms in optimizing the end result of roadshows and investor meetings.

Monitoring and expanding analyst coverage

Analyst coverage boosts a company's visibility and positioning in the investment community. We work with our clients to maintain regular communication with the analysts who follow them and to expand analyst coverage. We coordinate communication with analysts, monitor their opinions on our clients, client peer group and sector and provide a regular flow of information to both analysts and clients.

Financial media services

We design and implement financial media strategies that blend effectively with our clients' IR programs, which are aimed at advancing their profile with the financial media and press in order to improve their visibility in the investment community. We provide media coaching to executives to deliver key messages and respond effectively during media interviews.

Capital Link has a long standing relationship with the major financial media, including on-line, print and TV: