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Maritime Transportation (Shipping), Energy & Commodities

Capital Link is a global leader in Investor Relations within the shipping sector as well as the related areas of energy and commodities. We work with the majority of shipping companies listed on the US Stock Exchanges, as well as in London (LSE and AIM) and Milan.

Capital Link has unique access to investors, analysts, media, commercial and investment bankers and private equity and hedge funds. We have built the most extensive and effective platform for linking listed shipping companies with the investment community in Europe and the United States. As a result, Capital Link Shipping is a highly respected brand not only in the investment community but also in the maritime industry, as Capital Link's platforms connect together shipping, investors, financiers and industry participants around the world. Capital Link is a member of the Baltic Exchange.

Our uniquely powerful marketing platforms include:

  •, a web based resource that provides information on the shipping stocks and shipping markets;
  • Shipping & Capital Markets Report, which is distributed to an extensive audience around the world every week;
  •, The Capital Link Webinars are a series of virtual forums on industry specific topics featuring corporate CEOs, analysts and other industry participants;
  •; The Capital Link Investor Shipping Forums are organized across New York, Athens and London, bringing together investors, bankers, financial advisors, listed companies CEOs, analysts, and shipping industry participants;
  • and, a series of stock market Maritime Indices that track the performance of U.S. listed shipping stocks (CL maritime Index, CL Dry Bulk Index, CL Tanker Index, CL Container Index, CL LNG/ LPG Index, CL Mixed Fleet Index, CL Shipping MLP Index - Bloomberg page: CPLI). The Indices are also distributed through the Reuters Newswires and are available on FactSet.

  • US Closed-End Funds & Global ETFs

    As a key industry player in promoting awareness in the US Closed-End Fund and ETF space, we cooperate with major fund sponsors in these respective sectors.

    The Capital Link "Annual Closed-End Funds and Global ETFs" Forum which takes place in New York City since 2001, is considered a top industry Forum that consistently attracts over 1,000 delegates every year providing unparalleled informational, marketing and networking opportunities.

    In parallel to this Forum, Capital Link organizes the "Annual Closed-End Fund & Global ETF Awards," which recognize funds and managers who adhere to high standards of Corporate Governance, financial disclosure and Investor Relations.

    In addition to our Forum, Awards, and custom investor relations and media programs for our clients, our uniquely powerful marketing platforms also consist of and, two separate but interconnected websites for CEFs and ETFs that provide information on all US listed CEFs and ETFs with data powered by Morningstar. These portals also offer monthly CEF and ETF Newsletters, interviews, industry reports and fund literature which are then distributed to an extensive audience of US investors, financial planners and advisors. We organize a series of webinars and presentations by fund managers and other industry participants as well.

    Greek Economy and Stock Market

    Capital Link has built one of the most extensive and effective networks for the promotion of the Greek economy and Greek listed companies in Europe and the US. It is known among investors as a major information source on Greece. Over the years, we have worked both with large and medium cap Greek companies supporting their investor outreach both in times of economic prosperity and during times of economic upheaval.

    Capital Link's notable achievements include its contribution to the signing of a Cooperation Memorandum between the New York and Athens Stock Exchanges in 2002, the organization of several events at the New York Stock Exchange, such as the listing event for the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE) in 1998, and the organization of the first visit by the Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange to Athens in 2001 to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Athens Exchange.

    Since its inception in 1998, , Capital Link's New York Investor Forum on Greece has been established as a main platform for updating the US investment, financial and business communities on the progress and outlook of the economy, capital markets and main sectors of activity in Greece, while identifying business and investment opportunities in the region. The event additionally provides extensive marketing and networking opportunities through private meetings with participants and listed companies on the Athens Stock Exchange. The Forum is organized in cooperation with the New York Stock Exchange and major global investment banks. The following day , the Greek Delegation celebrates "Greek Day" at the New York Stock Exchange and following a formal reception where they ring the Closing Bell.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    CSR is Capital Link's newest endeavor. Capitalizing on our long track record with the organization of uniquely successful investment conferences in New York, London and Athens, Capital Link has pioneered a series of CSR-focused forums in London, Athens and now in New York. We complement our Forums with hugely popular webinars that we organize regularly for each topic.

    Our London CSR Forum focuses on the Maritime and Offshore industries whereas our Athens Forum focuses on the significance of CSR in a country that is tested by severe economic decline and social unrest. The New York Forum focuses on "CSR as a Competitive Advantage in Finance & Investing." From the corporate perspective, this event aims to showcase how companies can enjoy improved access to the financial and capital markets and lower cost of capital, while at the same time expanding shareholder value through improved and sustainable market valuations. From the investors' point of view, it explores the ins and outs of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and tackles the challenges of integrating IR, CSR and Corporate Communications. Capital Link is a GRI Stakeholder.

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